1. Integrated plans for urban regeneration and development
2 . Municipal Development Plans
3 . Strategies for tourism development
4 . Strategies for development of renewable energy for communities and regions
5 . Concepts for spatial development of municipalities
6 . Strategies for economic development
7 . “cost-benefit” analysis improving project readiness in municipal development plans
8 . “cost-benefit” analysis projects under the Operational Programme “Regional Development” project with necessary public support
9.  Development of a preliminary assessment and the subsequent evaluation of municipal development plans
10 . Development of internal rules for monitoring and control in the management of regional development policies at the municipal and district level
11 . Procedures under the Public Procurement Act
12. Information campaigns for projects funded by the EU
13. Trainings, education, preparation and printing of training materials
14. Analysis of the transport and tourism system of municipalities and regions
15 . Development of “Knowledge Base platform” on infrastructure, environment, agriculture and tourism
16. Development of tourist packages, tourist routes and demonstrations for municipalities and regions through sustainable mobility
17. Marketing strategies and market research
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